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Prof. Dr. Bayram GÖÇMEN

Zoologist, Herpetologist, Protozoologist/Parasitologist,           Nature Photographer

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Lyciasalamandra antalyana gocmeni

Personal Information (Photos)

Surname: GÖÇMEN
First Name : Bayram
Date of Birth : December 23rd, 1965
Place of Birth : Çanakkale (Kantou)-Limassol/ Southern Cyprus
Nationality : Turkish Cypriote, Turkish
Curriculum Vitae

Born in Çanakkale (Kantou)-Limassol / Cyprus, 23rd December 1965. Graduated from Bostanci Fikri Karayel primary school (Bostanci, Güzelyurt/TRNC) in 1977, middle and secondary schools (Güzelyurt Kurtulus middle school and Güzelyurt Kurtulus secondary school, TRNC) in 1980 and 1983, respectively.

In 1983, joined Gazi University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Architecture Department for two semesters. In 21st August 1985 completed his obligatory military service in TRNC.

In 20th June 1989 graduated from the Section of Zoology, Aegean University Faculty of Science Biology Department at the head of his class (also among the students of the Faculty and the Department) with 91/100 points.

In 06th February 1991 he became an “Research Assistant” in the Zoology Section. of Aegean University Fac. of Sci. Biology Department, upon being succesful in the exam given in October 1990.

In 16th December 1991 he completed his MSc thesis [entitled “The Morphological and Cytological Structures of Some Symbiotic Ciliates (Isotricha spp.) from the Rumen of Cattle”] in Aegean University Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences, Biology Section, Zoology Educational Program.

In 1996 he became a Turkish citizen, in addition to his Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) / Cyprus citizenships.

In 16th September 1996 he completed his PhD thesis [entitled “Morphological and Taxonomical Investigations on the Rumen Ciliates of Epidinium Crawley, 1923 and Ophryoscolex Stein, 1858 (Ciliophora: Entodiniomorphida)”] in Aegean University Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences, Biology Section, Zoology Educational Program and became a “Doctor of Philosophy”.

In 01st December 1997 he was appointed to the “Teachers Staff” as an “Assistant Professor” at the Zoology Dept. of Aegean University Fac. of Sci, Biology Section.

In 13th November 2003 he became an “Associate Professor”.

In 09th December 2003 he was appointed as “Vice Head” to the Biology Department, Aegean Univ. Fac. of Sci. until 2006.

In 13th July 2004 he was appointed to “Associate Professorship”.

In 22th January 2009 he became an  "Full Professor" and is still an "Professorship" in Zoology Section of Aegean Univ. Fac. of Sci., Dept. of Biology.

He has 169 scientific papers (107 of which were abroad, the 69 in SCI/SCI-E screened periodicals) in peer reviewed periodicals which are already published or in the process of publishing; two textbooks on parasitology, a textbook on animal physiology, a book on the amphibians and reptiles of TRNC, two mimeographed texts on invertebrate systematics; textbooks or books on vertebrate systematics, invertebrate biology, herpetology, protozoology (eukaryotic microbiology), a chapter in a book on coccidiosis in amphibians and reptiles, also 28 national and 23 international scientific oral/poster presentations (totally 51).

He supervised ten MSc and seven PhD thesses, and presently supervising one PhD and two MSc thesses on the fields of Herpetology/Biotechnology and Prarasitology/Protozoology.

Up to present, he run courses on General Parasitology/Parasitology, Invertebrate Systematics/Biology, Vertebrate Systematics/Biology, Herpetology, Animal Physiology, General Protozoology, General Ecology, Scientific English I (graduate courses), Protozoology I, Protozoology II, Rumen Protozoons, Amphibian and Reptilian Protozoans, Photographical Techniques for Biologists (postgraduate courses). He is a member of Turkish Parasitology Association (TPD), Society of Protozoologists (SOP), The British Herpetological Society (BHS) and Societas Europea Herpetologica (SEH).

He is also making some editorial obligations in many national and international scientific journals [Editor/Co-Editor/Editorial Board Membership of Turkiye Parazitoloji Dergisi (Acta Parasitologica Turcica) for biological subjects; Editor/Co-Editor/Editorial Board Memberships of North-Western Journal of Zoology (a journal indexed by Science Citation Index) for Parasitology/Middle East Herpetology and Turkish Jounal of Zoology (a journal indexed by Science Citation Index); refereeships (Editorial Board Memberships) of The Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences of Van Yüzüncüyil University, Turkish Jounal of Zoology and also Zootaxa, Animal Biology & Microbial Ecology (journals indexed by Science Citation Index).

Beyond of the mentioned achievements and labors, his name/surname was given to some newly discovered taxa by his colleagues for his contributions on Protozoology, Zoology and Herpetology. These are follows:

[1] A protozoan/sporozoan species (Nematocystis bayrami Mallik & Bandyopadhyay, 2009) which found in an Indian earthworm species

[2] An endemic spider species (Typhlonesticus gocmeni Ribera, Elverici, Kunt & Özkütük 2014) which found in Denizli province,Turkey

[3] An andemic scorpion species  (Euscorpius gocmeni Tropea, Yagmur & Yesilyurt 2014) which found in Antalya province, Turkey,

[4] An endemic race of Antalya Salamander (Lyciasalamandra antalyana gocmeni Akman & Godmann 2014).

[5] An endemic race of Alanya Salamander (Lyciasalamandra atifi bayrami Yildiz & Akman 2015).

[6] An almost endemic species of Chunky bush-cricets  (Bradyporus gocmeni Ünal 2017).




Bayram Göçmen? "I did not hear never before! Who is he?"

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Lyciasalamandra atifi bayrami

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Nematocystis bayrami

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age:24 in Bursa (Uludagh) expedition, 1989.

age: 30 (in Lapithos-Northern Cyprus with Mum Ülfet)

age: 37 (+Schneider's Skink)

age: 37 (+Schneider's Skink)

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